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Our specialty is diving, our passion is the sea. Dive with us on an adventure to discover sea lions, turtles, ship wrecks and other wonders of Baja California Sur. With Sea Lions Dive Center every day is a unique experience!

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With Sea Lions Dive Center La Paz every day is a unique experience!Incomparable Experience:Sensible Exploration: Enjoy immersive experiences that respect and protect the marine ecosystem. Unique Routes: We offer carefully selected dive routes to guarantee the best encounters with marine life in its natural habitat.Quality Service:Personalized Attention: Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized and attentive service, ensuring that every diver feels valued and safe. Modern Infrastructure: Our facilities are designed to provide, safety, security, comfort.

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Equipment:Last Generation Technology: We look for the best equipment , ensuring safety and comfort on all dives. Rigorous Maintenance: All our equipment undergoes regular and thorough maintenance to ensure the best conditions of it.Expert Guides:Certified Professionals: Our guides are certified professionals with years of experience, ensuring that every dive is safe and rewarding. Local Knowledge: Our local guides bring a deep understanding of the marine ecosystem, enriching your experience with valuable information and exciting narratives.Certifications:Commitment to Excellence: Our center is committed to excellence in dive education, promoting safe and responsible practices. Linguistic Diversity: For

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Nuestros instructores y guías son amantes de la naturaleza y nacieron para estar en el mar.

Una atención personalizada para que aprendas y disfrutes cada inmersión a tu propio ritmo.


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