Whale Shark Season

Let the adventure begin in Espiritu Santo!

Come to the best place in the world to dive or swim with sea lions.

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Mobulas Season

These beautiful animals have arrived, are you ready for this show?.

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With Sea Lions Dive Center La Paz enjoy every experience Baja California Sur offers you with the highest quality.

  • Small groups, close and exclusive service (max. 5 people per guide).
  • Highly qualified professionals that offer you a fun and a safe experience.
  • Last generation boats and engines.
  • Best brands equipment rental and always in perfect condition.
  • Training school from initiation to the highest professional level.
  • Conservation and ecology special attention.

Certified divers

Certified divers

La paz scuba diving

Sea Lions

Have fun with the most playful animals of the sea, a unique and unforgettable diving experience.


Dive and explore inside ship wrecks full of life.


Home of turtles, octopuses, lobsters, nudibranchs and countless fish of all colors.

Mobulas and sharks

Discover incredible species during your activities.

Aquatics - Snorkeling

For All

Tour Islas EspĂ­ritu Santo

Snorkel among playful sea lions in the Lobera. These beautiful animals will give you a show you will never forget.

Marine Safaris

Dolphin pods, huge schools of mobulas, marlins and sea lions hunting, humpback whales jumping, killer whales, sperm whales, pilot whales… Discover how many surprises our seas offer you.

Whale Shark

Swim next to the biggest fish in the world. Launch yourself into one of the most exciting experience La Paz bay has to offer.

Whale watching

Spot hundreds of gray whales in one of the the longest animal migration on the planet. A spectacle you can only see in Baja California Sur.



Open Water Diver:

The “Open Water Diver” course is the first diving course to certify you to dive anywhere in the world,discover the advantages and benefits of doing it with us.

Advanced Adventurer:

Deepen you skills and curiosity with “Advanced Adventurer”. Level up and eliminate limits to dive any type of site.

Rescue Diver:

“Rescue Diver allowes you to be prepared with crucial skills to deal with unforeseen events and be the one who handles several situations with your dive buddies.


Guide others in their underwater adventures, share your passion and knowledge, you will be able to guide and support any diver.



La Paz

In La Paz Bay you will discover great wonders as EspĂ­ritu Santo National Park or
Balandra Natural Protected Area; home and destiny for a great variety of species as
sea lions, whale shark, dolphins and turtles.


Scenario of great migrations of marine mammals, mobulas and other pelagic species that cross or come to its rich waters to feed.

Cabo Pulmo y Los Cabos

From Cabo Pulmo National Park marine reserve to Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, dive in the south of the peninsula among sharks and hundreds of species.

BahĂ­a Magdalena

The richness and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean converge in these waters full of life and action.


La paz diving

Diving in La Paz, situated in Baja California, has always been a top attraction for those keen on exploring the underwater world. But what sets it apart from other diving destinations? Let’s dive into the reasons:

Rich Marine Life, Diving in Paz

Have you ever dreamt of swimming alongside playful sea lions, colorful fish, and maybe even spotting a whale shark? Diving in La Paz, Mexico promises all of these and more.

Pristine Waters, Diving in La Paz MĂ©xico

The crystal-clear waters of La Paz offer visibility like nowhere else. This means whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled experience every single dive.

Benefits of Choosing Diving in La Paz for Your Diving Adventure

Scuba diving in La Paz isn’t just about the underwater sights. The entire experience, from the welcoming dive centers to the warm local culture, makes La Paz scuba diving a unique adventure.


Request information and plan your aquatic experiences with us.


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